Food tours are a unique and exciting way to explore a new place through its culinary culture. A food tour typically involves visiting multiple restaurants, cafes, food markets, and other food-related establishments in a specific area or neighborhood. Participants have the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes and local cuisine, while learning about the history and culture of the area through the food.

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5 Days
From $375
The main characteristic of Thai food is that each meal should comprise of four fundamental taste areas: spicy, sweet, sour and salty. The spice comes from chillies, the sweetness from cane or palm sugar. In today's journey, visitors can not only see the beautiful nature but also enjoy Thai cuisine.
1/2 Days
From $99
Truly appreciate the traditional Lanna (Northern Thai) way of life with a Kantoke dinner. Your meal is served on special, low, circular tables called toke in Thai. Seated on the floor and propped up with comfortable cushions, tuck into delicious Lanna specialties accompanied by captivating folk dances and music.
1/2 Days
From $99
After a day of sightseeing, enjoy a fun evening out in Chiang Mai. Dine on mouth-watering Thai cuisine at the charming Gallery Restaurant. Situated on the banks of the Ping River, the restaurant offers fabulous views and a tranquil atmosphere. Afterwards, take a tuk tuk for a ride through town to the famous night bazaar for browsing the colorful stalls.
1/2 Days
From $99
Discover the tantalizing flavors and secrets of Thai cuisine with a culinary expert at Amita Thai Cooking Class, a home-style culinary school set in a charming waterside location. Begin with a guided walk of the herb garden to learn about the aromatic ingredients commonly used in Thai cooking.
1/2 Days
From $99
Experience rural Thailand by travelling out of Bangkok to the rich farmland of Klong Mahasawad. Only an hour from the capital city, this agricultural village is an authentic countryside experience. Take a boat trip on a small village canal, visiting wild orchid farms and water lily ponds. Travel by local mini tractor through rice fields and fruit orchids. Taste the seasonal produce and soak in the fresh air of rural Thailand!
1/2 Days
From $100
Be enchanted by the illuminated skyline with a special dinner at a riverside restaurant. As the stars come out head to a restaurant along the banks of the Chao Praya River. Indulge yourself in a delicious meal of Thai cuisine accompanied by either a traditional dinner theatre show or in a restored teak mansion with illuminated views of Wat Arun as a backdrop.
1/2 Days
From $100
Enjoy a romantic evening on the banks of the Ping River, Chiang Mai, with our Riverside Dining Evening Tour. The perfect close to a day of exploration and adventure, you will savor the eclectic flavors of Northern Thailand cuisine amid the tranquil River and lush surrounding greenery.
1/2 Days
From $4,640
Experience the regalia of royal Thai dinner and traditional dances. Transfer by deluxe vehicle to the luxurious Le Grand Lanna Restaurant, situated in the house of a former Lanna nobleman. Sip a glass of champagne before sitting down to a feast of fabulous classic Thai cuisine. Enjoy an enchanting performance of graceful traditional dance and music as you dine.
7 Days
From $546
This 7 days tour at an easy pace and great convenience bring you essential features of Thailand. A chance to explore Thailand’s bustling capital by longtail boat and visit grandeur, and historical architecture. Discover the River Kwai and Erawan National park and go up north for a magnificent place of Chiangmai and its surroundings…

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Treka Travel believes that means of transport is one of the important factors creating the success of the trip. Depending on your purpose and finances when going on food tours, you can travel by:

Walking tours

Walking tours are a popular and convenient form of transportation for food tours, and are ideal for exploring local neighborhoods and food markets. Walking tours allow travelers to sample local food, visit local shops and markets, and learn about local culture and cuisine.


Taxis are a convenient form of transportation for food tours, and can be used to travel between different food destinations. Taxis are ideal for those who want to move quickly and easily between destinations and are widely available in many cities and tourist destinations.


Buses are a popular form of transportation for food tours, and are often used for travel between cities and tourist destinations. Buses offer an affordable and convenient way to get around, and many bus companies offer comfortable and air-conditioned buses.

Private transfers

Private transfers are a convenient and comfortable form of transportation for food tours, and are ideal for those who want a hassle-free and stress-free travel experience. Private transfers can be arranged in advance and can be placed for a car, minivan, or larger vehicle, depending on your needs.


For enjoyable short trips, accommodation is always carefully considered. It depends on many factors such as finances, interests, and schedules. Trek Asia Travel would like to introduce you to some accommodations:

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels often have their own restaurants, which can serve up unique and creative dishes. These hotels may also be located in food-centric neighborhoods, providing easy access to local food markets and restaurants.

Agritourism Farms

Agritourism farms offer the chance to stay on a working farm and participate in farm-to-table dining experiences. Guests can often enjoy fresh produce and meals made from ingredients grown on the farm.

Home Rental

Renting a home or apartment can provide the flexibility to cook and dine in, allowing guests to explore local markets and ingredients on their own terms.


Hostels are often budget-friendly and provide the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and exchange recommendations for local food and drink.

Responsible Travel

When traveling Trek Asia Travel always respects the local people, local culture, upholds the spirit of environmental protection and tries to support the local economy. The special thing is that each region has its own cultural characteristics, so it is essential to respect the culture and people where you come from. Trek Asia Travel has some travel tips for you:

Top responsible travel tips for Travelers:

  • Pay attention to the customs, religion, and practices of the country you are visiting.
  • Dress appropriately for the situation. For example, when going to the temple, you should dress modestly and politely.
  • To protect the environment, let’s reuse used water bottles by filling them with filtered water instead of buying new bottles. In addition, always dispose of garbage in the right place, and handle trash carefully, including cigarette butts.
  • You can haggle when buying things at the market but always keep calm, pay a reasonable price and have a smile on your face!
  • Support local artisans by shopping for locally produced products. Absolutely do not support businesses that abuse endangered animals.
  • Always ask permission from everyone before taking pictures including adults and children!

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