Why travel with us

Experience in the tourism industry

You don’t fly across the globe every day to explore Marrakech’s souks or take in an idyllic Angkor sunrise. But, over the past three decades (whew, we’re old), it has been a part of our daily lives. Let’s just say that we are aware of what travelers actually desire: a balance between included activities and free time, as well as a mix of well-known tourist attractions and undiscovered local gems. Of course, a genuine real-life experience is also important.

Since they were raised here, our leaders are the only ones who truly understand where they are going. Hence, you won’t simply see a place; you’ll also experience it. We specialize on responsible travel, large activities, and small groups. We’re confident you’ll discover something you like among our 1,000 tours in 100 different types. Thus, let’s begin.

Passion for travel

The company’s guides and trip leaders are experienced and knowledgeable about the destinations they visit, and are committed to providing an authentic and enjoyable travel experience to their clients.

Moreover, Trek Asia Travel’s team members are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. We aim to minimize the impact of their tours on the local environment and culture, and actively support local communities by employing local staff and using locally owned accommodations and restaurants. The staff at Trek Asia Travel is driven by a love of adventure and a commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences to our clients while also promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices.


To be able to serve customers in the fastest and most accurate way, Trek Asia Travel always prioritizes applying technology to work. We invest heavily in technology to lead the way and find innovative solutions. Typically, itour and CRM software have been studied and applied by us.

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